Zi Wei Feng Shui – Residential & Commercial Consultation

Chinese Feng Shui, is categories under Art of Appearance, which require practically visit on site. Feng sui was an ancient knowledge where people use to choose for feng shui house, palace, residence and graveyard.

Chinese Feng Shui is a natural forces which is also magnetic field from the universe. Feng also known as Air is the core while Sui also known as water is the flexibility and changes. It is all philosophy of universe and environment.

Chinese Feng Shui match with Zi Wei Dou Shu chart interpretation, which are the best combination. Zi Wei Feng Sui, uses house owner’s birth chart as a base for feng sui and placing the best feng sui according to the owner’s birth chart to create a best feng shui house. No matter how strong is a Feng Sui or Feng sui strategy, without people, it is nothing.

Chinese Feng Shui are part of our life, we cannot ignore it. It can helps to pushes us up as well as make us down from the peak. If used wrong Feng Sui placing, it could cause misfortune to the owner.

We provide professional Chinese Feng Shui with Zi Wei Dou Shu chart interpretation consultation for:
• Feng Sui house guidance
• Improve energy level
• Uses environment Qi to increase person luck