Power of Zi Wei & Numerology

The power of numerology has changed our client's life. Listen to the story of them about how our numerology course and ziwei calculator able to help them plan for a better life.

TS, 25, Red people

I was so into destiny and fate, always seek for advice from different master, to ask them about my relationship. Since I meet Master Water and get know about numerology, I can know a person character before actually meeting him, and this only able through numerology. All started with numerology, a lot of strangers became my friends, some called me Master. Then I started to learn ziwei calculation from Master Water, to calculate combination on numerology and because of this ziwei calculation, I meet my Mr. Right. We were first meet during the numerology class, and just because of a simple question whether to join Ziwei class together or not, tied us together. No matter from which palace in Ziwei calculation, we were both matched together. It helped us to understand more about each other through Zi Wei Dou Shu analysis. Ziwei calculation were so accurate!! I was a skinny girl, but in my ziwei chart, it said I will gain weight until month 8, and it’s really happened!! I gained weight even though just by drinking water!!

Dr. CK

"I've done a couple Zi Wei and Bazi consultations in the past, nothing comes close to the accuracy and values of Master Tan has offered. His careful assessment and modern interpretation of my Zi Wei chart has made an instant impact on my career path as well as my personal life"

Jennifer, 26

I have better understanding on Life Destiny and accept fate after learning Zi Wei Dou Shu. I always thought that “Life Destiny was master in our hand, as long as I work hard and never give up on it, I will be able to change my Life Destiny.” However, after I learn Zi Wei Dou Shu, I have better understanding of my life blueprint. I accept fate is not bowing down to life, but is better understanding of Life Destiny. Thus, only able to make the right hard work effort at the right time. Zi Wei Dou Shu analysis is life direction, when you understand it, it will lead you to the right path. Know yourself, understand our future and make a right plan for life.

JCWKheng, 28, Life Insurance Consultant and Baker

I was so glad that I knew about numerology and ziwei calculation. I really amazed by the power of numerology. Because of numerology, my relationship with my family members, colleagues became better. Numerology allowed me to know more on a person's strength and weakness, it also helps me to prevent a lot of unnecessary problems.   I was once in the middle of junction in my career, I was frustrated and upset about it. Then I seek advice from Master Water, and he used my Ziwei chart to solve lots of my doubts. Because of zi wei dou shu analysis, I dare to make a choice that beyond my comfort zone and make me get closer to my success path.   Choice is more important than hard work, it was useless if our choice is wrong.

YC, 29, Material Engineer

We were once at the junction of choices, some seek advice from successful people, some choose to follow senior’s path, some choose not to do anything. This year 2017, i was lost & mid of struggling between choices about my career until I meet him.   I was always half believe in astrology & destiny, until I meet this special person. She told me, our life not only have 1 choice, but full of choices. Every choices will lead us to the same destination, however, the journey, the path, the feeling would be different along the way. Our final destination were fixed, we cant choose, but what we can choose is the choices along the way, that’s make our life colorful and meaningful.   I meet Master Water through a referral from a friend. Master Water cleared all my doubts about my career and shared a lot knowledge with me. How can we maximize our destinyafter knowing our life path, how to choose the right path for ourselves and most important, prepare for the future and prevent the worse to have happened. The power of numerology really amazed me !

RJ, 29, Accountant

Human being was always curious about everything, including themselves, they would like to know more about themselves. On the first sight, I thought it was another personality test, however, I changed my point of view. It was totally fun about it. After the course, I was amazed with the power of numerology!! It can know how a person thinks, action and results of it. It was so accurate that not only applicable to me, but as well as friends surrounding. Personality test was just general, on a surface level, however, numerology was used to know about ourselves then friends & families.   I personally tried this on a cold call by an insurance agent, asked for his dob, and he was so amazed by me! He said, “I should be the one who is selling, but now you took it over!” He was amazed that, with just dob and without knowing the person, we are able to know that person more on his character, personality and how his subconscious working behind their mind.   I was so grateful that able to learn and master this knowledge! It means a lot to me when it became a selling tool for me. That’s the POWER of numerology!    

PS, 28, Electrical Engineer.

I get to know this numerology course is because want to know more about myself, friends and family. When first learn about numerology, I always ask for their dob to understand them more and told them about their personality and characters. All were amazed with this knowledge!   When I first apply this knowledge on working place, I have better understanding on my colleagues, superior, suppliers and clients. Knowing their characters, knew their way of actions. I’m on servicing line and numerology benefits me a lot. I started to understand more on my clients and suppliers, thus our corporation are getting better & our relations getting stronger. That's the power of numerology!!   When we understand other’s character, then we wont upset on their way of doing, characters and personality.