Numerology Course

Numerology had more than 4000 years in history, it gathers science, philosophy and psychology in a piece which able to helps people to understand past, current and future.

Numerology was an ancient Greece knowledge which passes on generation by generation by the tribe. Numerology was gather, formatted and systematically saved by a doctor of philosophy. Until 500BC, the truth and usage of Numerology was spread around the world by Ionian Greek Philosopher, mathematician, Pythagoras.

“Often heard myth on Numerology, but Numerology only act as a description for a person, it does not contain any energy or field. Numerology is not superstition, not related to any religious, it just purely for description of a person characteristic, hidden potential. Numerology uses date of birth as a base, it use to describe a person way of thinking, action, personality, inner heart and subconscious power. It's the power of number! There are 9 types of characters, and 81 sets of personalities.”

An ancient knowledge, with modern culture and research, TLS Destiny Consultancy offered numerology course:

1) Business development: Position yourself based on your strength and develop your personal hidden potential. Helps on understanding and perform yourself in front of your clients, superiors and subordinates.

2) Child Education: Improve communication with your child, develop their strength and bring up their potential. Be friends to your child, understand his inner thought through numerology course.

3) Relationship: Understanding your partner’s need, improve relationship between both of you through Numerology course.

4) Thought of your mind: Thought changes your action, understand your thought, radically improve your action.

5) Yearly and daily faith: Plan before spring, harvest before winter. Plan a head for your year.

6) Health and Numerology: Using 5 elements Allelopathy understand your health condition.

Our numerology course will guide you to use the basic formulas, simple usage and enable you to understand a person within a minute. It’s suitable for this fast moving era where people chases for higher efficiency lifestyle. Top with that, Numerology can uses as a tools to build up relationship between people. Join our numerology course now to experience the power of number !