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September 14, 2017

Sparing a thought for the placements and decorations of your house or office nowadays is not easy as has been thought. You should think twice about simply putting the furnitures or decorating items just to fill in the space of your house. The art of feng shui has taught us to be much more prudent and meticulous when we move things around the house as we often hear some other people, be it neighbours or relatives discussing about the flow of energy in the house or that particular way of arranging a certain piece of furniture in a specific place or space. The art of feng shui and bagua thence become a part of our lives where we depend on the advice of feng shui master to give us positive energy and make us healthier, wealthier and happier.


There are several feng shui basics to begin with when you are looking for feng shui tips for home. It does not matter whether you engage professional service of a feng shui master or not, you can apply some basic feng shui concepts yourself to become familiar with the interactions between the designs of your house with feng shui elements or bagua map. Well, let’s get right in the basic concepts where everyone should know before moving or decorating any part of a space.

  • Get rid of the clutter in your house. You do not want to have anything redundant or eyesore around in your house or space. These items are not only useless but can impede the flow of energy inside your home as well. Dump them away and give the interior of your house a fresh outlook and hence a better feng shui arrangement.

  • Get sufficient light and ventilation in your home. Who would live in a menacing looking and stuffy dark house which invites nothing good except insects and rodents? Open the windows often to let in fresh breeze and sunlight, you will become healthier as well by doing so and expanding your own positive energy.

  • Get your bed placed in the right position. You can do some research on the feng shui bagua map and the five elements of feng shui – fire, water, earth, metal and wood to determine which commanding position your bed should be placed. Ideally your sleeping position would face the door or diagonally across. The passive time spent in sleeping already makes up a significant part of your everyday cycle. Be sure to always check your sleeping quality!

  • Cover your TV and stay away from electronic device during sleep. It is better to sleep in a room without electronic gadgets but if that could not be done, at least put some effort in covering TV or electronic device with a piece of cloth to reduce the active energy radiated during sleep.

The aforementioned feng shui tips to inject life and good energy in your household is just a pinch of salt in the sea. There are still a lot of more advanced tips to take note of and the knowledge revolves around feng shui is immense. The position, feng shui colours, size of the space in your room all play a part in your feng shui house decoration which is significant in increasing the flow of good energy in your house. Getting interested? Why wait when you could have a personal ziwei consultation with our Master Tan to delve deeper into the topic and help you and your family live a harmoniuos and happy lifestyle! Do contact us now!

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