Numerology Reading

TLS Destiny Consultancy was established on 29th August 2016, by a group of people that curious and passionate about their life destiny.

TLS Destiny Consultancy was founded by Ms. Lai Ying Shin & Master Water Tan. Master Water spend years in researching and seeking for the truth of destiny till he found Zi Wei Dou Shu. Zi Wei Dou shu was a well known tools backed in Sung Dynasty, it used to solve people’s problem, helping people to achieve happiness and choosing right path in their live. Apart from that, numerology reading also able to provide life guidance to people. Master Water Once said

‘Destiny was created for people's happiness’

Ms. Lai Ying Shin, had a wonderful experience on destiny on solving her problems. Having the same philosophy with Master water, both founded TLS Destiny Consultancy to share this great Chinese cultural knowledge. Top with that, Master Water uses a different method of teaching thus students easier to master numerology reading and Zi Wei Dou Shu.

About Master Water Tan

Spirit Of Never Give Up

Master Water Tan born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, profession by Electronic engineer. He had been involving in electronic and medical equipment industries for more than 10 years since graduated. Master Water was once appointed as Managing director for dry clean retail chain store, Pressto. During his service at Pressto, he visited various dry clean company around the world to exchange idea to improve their dry clean service at Pressto.

Master Water was an entrepreneur, he started his own mechatronic servicing firm, home security system, automotive care and retail chain laundry shop around Klang Valley. On year 2012, his laundry shop provides a series of services from wash to dry clean service. Ups and downs on his entrepreneurship journey and the spirit of never give up had amazed Master’s friends.


Master Water special loves on books related with business and life destiny. He has his own point of view towards China history due to the deep knowledge and understanding on China History.

Master Water keep searching to understand further on his ups and downs during his entrepreneurship journey and steps into the world of destiny. During the search, he founded that Ziwei calculation explained his past journey accurately, thus he went into deeper search and study about ziwei calculation. He hope by using this knowledge, he will be able to help more people to search for their truth path without taking the wrong decision on life. .

More Than 10 Years Experience

Although with more than 10 years’ experience in life destiny, Master water, he keep equipping himself with more knowledge and research about it. On top of that, he also provide real case solution to his customers.

Master Water had organized more than 100 classes of numerology in Malaysia, Singapore and China. Other than that, he also help listed company, retail chain store and SME to solve their Human Resources problem and provide related training to the management. Besides that, Master Water also help individuals to discover and improve their strength through numerology reading.

Master Water Tan

About Ms. Lai Ying Shin

Top Achiever Since Young

Ms. Lai Ying Shin, dean of TLS Destiny Consultation, born 1977 in Seremban. She had high interest towards Chinese culture since she was young. She achieved flying color during her high school periods and further her studies at University Tunku Abdul Rahman as Material Science Engineers. On the same time, Ms. Lai Ying Shin received scholarship from Hong Leong Berhad for her to further her studies in University of Sheffield Halam in UK. After her studies in University of Sheffield Halam, she was appointed as Research and Develop Engineers in OYL in charge of new project development.

Ms. Lai Ying Shin started her Will & Insurance as part time career in year 2002. Since 2007, Will & Insurance are on sunrise period and turn full time on the same year. Since then, Ms. Lai Ying Shin, Rockwills’ Golden Member club for 10 continuous years, Rockwills’ CEO member club, top sales at Rockwills Berhad. At the same time, Ms. Lai Ying Shin was awarded with MRTA and others awards in her insurance industry from Great Eastern Life Insurance.

Incredible Experience By Using Numerology

After knowing Master Water in 2015 and learnt Numerology, through numerology reading, Ms Lai Ying Shin able to identify type of needs of her clients thus pushes her sales to another peak. “I had an incredible experience by using numerology reading to close a case of a couple, it was my first exposure towards Numerology! I consult Master Water about numerology on this couples on their personalities, needs and how to tackle on the main point. It amazed me with the result! After being try different technique it wasn’t successful, but by using Numerology reading, it done with just 1 times!”

Founder of TLS Destiny Consultation

Beside acknowledge on Numerology reading, when facing life choices, Ms. Lai Ying Shin agreed on Zi Wei Dou Shu that enable to lead her to making right and accurate choice with it’s benefits. Therefore, she had the thought that this 2 knowledge should share to public on its benefits and usage. In year 2015, Ms Lai Ying Shin together with Master Water started TLS Destiny Consultation to share this knowledge out for people to achieve higher in career as well as increase relation between peoples.

With the leads from Ms. Lai Ying Shin, TLS Destiny Consultancy held more than hundreds courses on Numerology, Zi Wei Dou Shu. Within 2 years, Ms. Lai Ying Shin expanded TLS Destiny Consultancy to Singapore, Hong Kong and Great China.

Ms. Lai Ying Shin